How To Connect Emotionally With A Woman

As a man, you need to appreciate all the qualities which women want in a man. And if you’re a man who displays these qualities, then you stand a much better chance of enjoying a good relationship and being happy.

What Women Want In A Man

1 Trustworthiness & Emotional Connection

Women’s two major issues with men are a lack of trust and a lack of enough emotional connection.

Men, by contrast, have two major complaints about women: there is too much fighting in the relationship and there isn’t enough sex.

Apparently to stop all four of these issues, a man needs to be able to handle a woman’s negative emotions. But of course a woman doesn’t display the same emotional qualities throughout her monthly cycle.

And on top of that, few men appreciate how much fear about sexual and physical abuse women carry  in our society.

So to communicate well in the face of these issues, a man needs the qualities of strength, compassion and tolerance. These always help a man establish an intimate connection with his partner. Then, their relationship stands a good chance of thriving over time.

But of course this alone isn’t enough: women expect more from men.

In a woman’s eyes:

  • A man needs to be confident, to “occupy space” without being arrogant, and to demonstrate his compassion and affection towards his friends.
  • He needs to know how to seduce a woman and establish intimacy and connection with her.
  • He needs to understand how a woman feels about her body and be able to talk to her in a way that reassures her about her attractiveness each and every day.
  • He needs to know about the anatomy of the G spot, A spot, U spot, and how to satisfy his woman and please her in bed.
  • He needs to know how to initiate lovemaking with confidence, and how to maintain separation of his own individuality even in the face of his woman’s desire to be close and bonded.
  • He needs to understand how to arouse a woman in a way that will really turn her on. He also needs to know that porn is an illusion. Women do not react in real life as they are shown in porn: always ready for sex, with no arousal or stimulation at all.
  • He needs to know the importance of kissing, of romance, of gentle connection and caressing, and he needs to know how to say “I love you a regular basis.”
  • He needs to know the importance of offering his woman compliments on a regular basis, so that she feels appreciated and valued.
  • He needs to know how to maintain his integrity and stand up for his beliefs in the face of a woman’s emotions. That way she knows she can trust him, and depend on his emotional stability and reliability.
  • And it’s also important for a man to know how conflict in a relationship generally arises from nothing; or, to be more exact, from failure of attempts by one partner to connect with the other.

You see, behind every need, every demand, and even behind every emotional statement made by a woman, there’s a demand or a request which a man needs to understand and be able to respond to.

A man is in relationship with a woman also needs to be able to please her by conducting meaningful conversations and discussions in the relationship. This is best done by avoiding criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling.

2  Strength And Calmness 

When men are emotionally flooded, it’s a disabling response which means a man becomes unable to respond logically and sensibly to what’s been thrown at him by woman. A man needs to know how to deal with this.

Let me ask you a question. Do you believe it is possible for a man to be in partnership with a woman for a lifetime?

Sure it is, but you have to know how to do it!

Beyond the falling in love stage (which we all know about), there are two more phases which appear to be essential for establishing a long-term relationship: building trust and building commitment.

The key here, as you might expect, but might not yet have put into practice, is to be able to cherish the good qualities you see and experience in your partner, and feel gratitude for them.

What you need to avoid is putting yourself into the place of the victim – where betrayal and denial are prevalent – by longing for what is missing in your relationship and being resentful about not having it.

You see, the quality of trust between partners is essential to pleasing a woman. With solid trust, both people feel safe with each other, and they can be who they truly are.

3  Commitment

Commitment is a deeper quality in any relationship than you might expect, and its effects are profound.

Remarkably, commitment can actually shut down the fear center of the brain in certain circumstances. In other words, the presence of a partner who you trust and to whom you are committed can actually make life a lot easier and less fearful.

Guys, what you have to understand is that satisfying a woman is is neither science nor art – it’s just about being sensible, working out what your woman needs, what she wants, and what will please her.

OK, well I guess that’s easy to say, but you wouldn’t be here, reading this, if you didn’t want to know how to satisfy a woman in bed.

So the first thing is to remember is that a woman’s most powerful sexual organ is her mind yes – her mind, not her clitoris, not her vagina, not her vulva, or indeed any other part of her body.

You see, it’s her brain which plays the greatest role in getting her turned on, and achieving fulfilment and pleasure (which is when she’ll want to please you in bed!)

So that means you have to work on a woman’s mind as well as her body – not to say her body isn’t important, but her mind is certainly the first thing you need to pay attention to.

So how do you get a woman emotionally engaged with you, so you and she will both have a great time in bed and come away from sex feeling not only fulfilled and satisfied, but also pleased with what’s happened between you?

4 Emotional Connection Is Everything

Well, connecting with or satisfying a girl emotionally is all about establishing trust and respect – she needs to respect you, and she’s got to trust you.

Would you believe that only one in three women reaches orgasm on a casual sexual hook-up with a man (nearly all men will come in such a situation). If the couple see each other again, by the fourth date, half of all women will have had an orgasm with the man. By the time women are in a relationship, women have almost as many orgasms as men. The reason for this “orgasm gap”? A WOMAN NEEDS TO TRUST HER MAN!

So if you’re trying to sexually please a woman with whom you are not in a long-term relationship with you, the same thing applies – you just have to work at building trust sooner.

Video – The Orgasm Gap

Please, Please Me!


You see, if a woman likes the look of you, she may decide she wants to go to bed with you. And then she still has to make an emotional leap of trust to open her mind as well as her body to.

That means building intimacy. So before anything else, let’s look at how to build an emotional relationship with a woman.

First and foremost, a woman wants know that she is absolutely the center of your attention. So make an effort to keep her happy, and she’ll be rewarding you with love and smiles all round.

But just how do you do that? How do you emotionally connect with a woman?

First of all, you pay attention to her and nobody else – you don’t overlook at other women or even give them a passing glance. When you’re with a woman, focus your entire attention on her. How do you think she’s going to feel if you start looking at other women? Do you think she will trust you?

And indeed, if you’re at a table at a restaurant, or even at a bar, don’t look at other women, don’t comment on them, don’t focus on them. Pay attention to the woman you’re with.

Next, put some effort into making her feel special. Give her plenty of space to speak, let her voice her opinions, don’t make decisions for her. And you must respect her. You know how to do that: you can open doors, you can take her arm gently to guide her, and so on. Respect is simply being considerate of her needs.

When you really respect a woman you can have a conversation which matters. In other words, you’re not just discussing trivia and leaving it at that (while hoping to get into her underwear).

Of course, on a casual hook-up, asking about her deepest opinions on politics, religion and sex, might not be a great idea! Judgement is needed. Even so you can treat both her mind and body with respect and find out what’s important to her.

The same is true if you’re a long-term relationship. Share your thoughts on a daily basis. Perhaps have an emotional “check-in” at the end of every day. This can keep you intimately connected and really help you find out what’s going on for each other. And nothing builds trust like mutual understanding.

When you really respect a woman, you’ll help her any way you can, give her an extra hand, and play a powerful masculine role in her life.

Powerful masculine values include strength, loyalty, courage, stability, emotional maturity, integrity, reliability, commitment, truth telling, fearlessness, and so on.

Women can detect these qualities a long way off, and they’ll pull a woman towards you faster than you can imagine. Why? Because these are the things which make her feel she can trust you.

How to please a woman in bed
How will you build trust?

A woman can feel really vulnerable in our society, no matter how assertive and strong she is in her own right.

So when she’s with a man, she wants to feel his protective instinct. In short, every woman wants to be safe and secure, every woman wants to be with a man who makes her feel safe and secure.

Make sure you step up to the mark to keep her safe and she’ll not only be pleased by what you’re doing, she’ll see you as a real man.

5 And Touching Is Important, Too!

And even if it doesn’t suit you to be overly affectionate and touchy-feely, you know women like physical contact. So hold hands, kiss her, gently touch her face, and in particular look her in the eyes. Feel the pleasure of her sensual feminine nature. All these things will really build the bond between you.

What this all comes down to is something about old-fashioned chivalry and respect.

Simply: to gain a woman’s respect, make her feel really special when she’s with you. Stand up as a man. Show her your true masculine power. Take her seriously. Connect with her. Love her.

Do these things and she might be up for an interesting one night stand or even a relationship with you.

Short or long term, if she trusts you, a sexual relationship with her will be much more rewarding. She’s going to be more open to you,  more willing to give you her body, and more willing to let you see her soul.

That way, both you and she will quickly come to understand the meaning of emotional connection. 

How to truly satisfy any woman in bed!