How To Really Pleasure A Woman

You’re a man. Of course you want to know how to pleasure your woman in bed. You want techniques and tricks that will let you sexually satisfy her with ease.  Good news – they’re all here!

The Art Of Sexual Satisfaction

You probably realized early on in your sexual career that there’s absolutely no way in which you can tell whether a woman is faking an orgasm or not. 

Maybe you think when a woman’s  having an orgasm her nipples get erect, or her feet and toes curl. In fact that’s true. But women know this too, so no-one (i.e. you) need ever be any wiser if she’s faking it….

woman being pleasured in bed
This woman is having an orgasm – or is she?
You will never know. (In fact, she is, and so is he, at the exact same time.)

This may be hard for men to hear. However, the sad fact is that all women, without exception, have faked an orgasm more than once. Some do it most of the time, and you probably didn’t even know.

You may have thought you were pleasuring your partner. You thought you were giving her satisfaction, and all the time, she was faking it. Ouch.

In fact, you probably concluded you knew exactly how to pleasure a woman in bed. You saw yourself as a man who could satisfy her sexually. Most likely, you believed you’d made her come with your sexual skills.

The question, then, is how can a man truly please a woman? How can you stop your woman faking an orgasm? How can you satisfy her – and you – in bed?

Why Women Fake Pleasure

There are several reasons why a woman fakes her orgasms. First, because she loves her man and wants him to feel great, like he’s a good lover.

Second, she probably thinks that not reaching orgasm is her fault. That’s because most women simply don’t know that very few women reach orgasm during intercourse.

Third, no woman wants her man to think she’s frigid. A woman would much rather fake an orgasm than have him thinking she’s frigid.

More to the point, maybe, is that many women don’t even know why they’re not having orgasms. They often believe they should be able to do something about it. That they could somehow come during sex, if only they knew how. Then you’d both be satisfied and everything in the sexual garden would be rosy.

But the hard truth is that usually the man’s not really doing what his woman needs to get excited.

Whose Fault Is This?

Very often, men do know how to sexually pleasure a women – at least in theory. They know foreplay is needed to get a woman aroused. Even if it’s boring, they know it might be the only way she’ll reach orgasm. 

Unfortunately, as soon as a woman’s burning with desire, most men start lusting after her body. That usually ends with him entering her and pumping away. Sadly for most women this is NOT very exciting. So while he’s doing his “Big Bang Number”, thrusting in and out, banging her, her sexual arousal is actually disappearing.

At this point you might be thinking “No way! That can’t possibly be true”!

You might be thinking it can’t possibly true because you’ve seen porn films. Sure, women moan and groan and scream with satisfaction as men “bang them” in porn films.

Well, I’ve got some interesting news for you. If you’re planning ways to pleasure your woman on the basis of porn films, then you need to think again. 

Porn films are all about satisfying the male ego and male sexual desire in equal measure. They are not about fulfilling a woman’s sexual needs in bed. They are designed as jerk off vehicles which play into men’s fantasies.

Sadly, though, they also make men think that plunging into a woman is a good idea. That thrusting in and out, hard and fast, will make her scream with delight. They think this is the way to have a woman reach a massive orgasm, and swoon at his feet.

The reality is very different. Most women find vigorous thrusting painful. Yes, most women are up for an exciting bout of vigorous sex from time to time. Most of the time, however, women find pleasure in a man’s gentleness and tenderness, combined with masculine power and confidence.

What they don’t want is prolonged vaginal thrusting without any clitoral stimulation. That is neither satisfying nor pleasurable.  

If this is all news to you, then please accept my congratulations. You’re starting out right now on a journey. A journey to being able to knowing how to please a woman in bed. And, by the way, to satisfy her sexually, regardless of whatever is happening in your bed right now. 

You’re going to find out how to truly fulfill a woman when you’re making love to her.

The female orgasm
This woman really is having an orgasm.


What Do Girls Want In Bed?

The majority of women are very sensual. They take a long time to arouse. They require physical and emotional intimacy and connection to be able to reach orgasm. Also, they want to be with a partner who they like and love, or at the very least, respect and trust.

Read this next part carefully: it might save you a lot of trouble. Sensual touching, connection and foreplay can turn a woman on. However, she needs sustained clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Sure, there are a few women who can reach orgasm through stimulation of G spot inside the vagina. They’re in the minority – maybe around 10% at the most.

Even so, intercourse is pleasurable for most women, orgasm or not. That’s because during lovemaking, a couple connects in the most intimate way possible. This gives many women a great deal of pleasure. Also, the physical act of loving her man may produce pleasurable sensations in a woman’s G spot. 

But, to repeat, most women will not reach orgasm in this way, and therefore are not going to be satisfied in bed.

Female sensuality
No matter how wonderful your lovemaking might be, it most likely it won’t give her an orgasm.

Pleasing a woman is an art, not a science. There’s no fixed formula on how to do it. But the more sensitive, caring and attentive you are to your partner’s needs, the better able you will be to pleasure your woman and to sexually satisfy her.

This website is all about describing the best ways to do this. We show you the ways that will make it easy for you to please most women in bed.  By the time you’ve read through this site, you will know how to give a woman an orgasm. And you’ll get a lot of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment as well.

Now, read on to find out all about it.

An amusing video on the art of pleasuring?

What do women want in a man?

The Female Orgasm

We know there are two different nerve supplies to the pelvic area, and these apparently produce different types of orgasms.

As Betty Dodson says: Clitoral (and penile) orgasms result from stimulation of the pudendal nerve pathway. And orgasms that result from G spot, vaginal, and rectal stimulation often involve the pelvic nerve. Stimulating the pelvic nerve, via the rectum, can lead to pleasure in some surprising ways. 

Female sexual anatomy
Female sexual anatomy

But despite the hype about anal orgasms and breast orgasms (to name but two) we don’t really know whether women can have more than two types of orgasms: clitoral and vaginal.

What’s certain is that men and women enjoy different feelings of pleasure when various parts of the body are stimulated. Let’s explore this, and find out whether or not this has any bearing on how to please your wife in bed!

Remember that most women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. For most women, the orgasms they achieve this way can be intensely pleasurable on a physical level. Other orgasms such as those enjoyed with G spot stimulation seemed to have an emotional component as well.

The Clitoris Is The Source Of Women’s Greatest Pleasure

And the fact remains that for most women clitoral stimulation is the route to orgasmic pleasure. This is why a large majority of women can’t orgasm during intercourse.

You see, the clitoris is usually not stimulated during intercourse. Of course, if you or your partner choose to stimulate the clitoris manually or with a vibrator during intercourse, the results can be very pleasurable.

coital alignment technique
The Coital Alignment Technique. Discover how to please a woman using this variation of “man on top” intercourse. Read on to find out how.

One way of achieving orgasm during intercourse is to use the coital alignment technique (coital alignment is described here).

Here, the man and woman move their bodies in a specific way which stimulates the clitoris. This is one way in which a woman may come while her man is inside her during intercourse. 

Truth is, clitoral stimulation is the way most women reach orgasm. (And a lot of women like to have something inside their vagina the same time. This produces G spot stimulation as well.)

Many women can’t reach orgasm in any other way than clitoral stimulation. But please don’t take that to imply meaning a clitoral orgasm is somehow “less satisfying” or less pleasing than any other kind of orgasm. Most women would say that clitoral orgasms can be incredibly powerful and very satisfying for a woman.

In fact, clitoral orgasms are ranked as favorite even among women who can come in other ways.

The key to successful pleasuring here is to simulate the clitoris both directly and indirectly. This becomes even more true as a woman becomes more aroused and her clitoris more erect.

Men: foreplay is essential for getting a woman aroused to the point where she is able to orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation.

oral stimulation of clitoris
Clitoral stimulation may be best delivered with lips and tongue…

During intercourse, the clitoris receives very little direct stimulation from the penis. That’s why so few will women reach orgasm during intercourse from thrusting alone. 

What about the other types of orgasm?

First of all, let’s look at the G spot. Not literally, perhaps, because it’s quite difficult to see unless you happen to be the partner of a woman whose G spot drops down to the mouth of vagina during sexual arousal.

Female sexual anatomy
Female sexual anatomy

Interestingly, even though many scientific studies have been done on this, there’s still debate about what the G spot is. However, between 10% and 30% (take your pick!) of women can experience orgasm with G spot stimulation alone.

Women who can come this way are enjoying a vaginal or G spot orgasm. Lots more women reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation from a well-placed finger, when this is combined with clitoral stimulation.

These women say G spot orgasms feel very different. And that’s the point, maybe: if applying pressure to this part of your body feels good, then why wouldn’t you do it?

Sidebar: Tantric therapists often say that women who can’t come through vaginal stimulation of the G spot are holding sexual tension and blockages. It’s certainly true that the first time a woman has her G spot stimulated, she can release all kinds of repressed emotions. There may be truth in the idea that this is a nerve centre. I’ve also heard a lot of men talk about how their women have become vaginally sensitive as well as clitorally sensitive. Often this is due to loving support, heart connection, and gentle stimulation and  energy healing of the G spot. So maybe the women who can’t yet reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation during intercourse can develop that skill with a loving partner to help them. That could certainly explain why different people might see clitoral and vaginal orgasms as different things.

If you and your partner want to explore your partner’s G spot, the best way is to use a very well lubed finger. Make a “come hither” motion or use a gentle massaging motion on the surface of the G spot. You will feel it change from a ridged, rough area to a smooth swollen area as a woman becomes more aroused.

Plenty of lube is necessary. You can maximize the pleasure of her orgasm by stimulating the labia and clitoris at the same time as the G spot.

Anal Intercourse

Video – anal intercourse

Now what about anal intercourse? We know that the anus and anal canal are very sensitive areas, full of nerve endings linked to the nerve systems responsible for orgasm.

Gentle stimulation of the anus, anal canal and rectum apparently can lead to orgasm. I guess a woman would have to be very relaxed and accepting of penetration in this part of her body to achieve orgasm in this way.

U Spot Orgasms

The urethral opening – sometimes called the U spot – on a woman’s vulva offers a great way of pleasuring a woman.

the female genitals
Female genitals

This is because it’s surrounded on three sides by parts of the clitoris. (The clitoris is much bigger than most people understand, extending both downwards and sideways around the vagina.) In addition the opening of the urethra itself is surrounded by very sensitive tissue. Many women find stimulation of this area – particularly during oral pleasuring – to be a superb source of sexual pleasure.

The A Spot

This is another area inside the vagina called the anterior fornix zone. This is on the front wall of the vagina, somewhere up towards the belly button.

A lot of women experience great pleasure when this area is massaged or pressed, either because it’s very sensitive or because it’s adjacent to the clitoris or G spot. Thrusting on the A spot can lead to the pleasure of what Deborah Sundahl has called the uterine orgasm. However, a lot of women experience pressure in this area from their partner’s penis during sex as very uncomfortable.

There’s no straightforward “recipe” for orgasms produced from stimulaiton of body parts other than the clitoris. Pleasuring in these “alternative” ways depends on a woman’s sexual experience, her sexual preferences, and no doubt many other factors as well.

Even so, there’s plenty of evidence that some women can reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation during intercourse.

This requires a man who can control his ejaculation, even a man who can thrust for a long time before he explodes in his own pleasure. But in providing this service to his partner he can give her the greatest pleasure in bed she may ever have experienced.

How to truly satisfy any woman in bed!