Better Loving For Your Woman – And More Pleasure!

How To Enjoy Your Most Pleasurable Lovemaking Ever!

Most women don’t come during intercourse. That’s why you need to know how to please a woman in bed.

After all, it’s only fair.

So what’s the problem? Well, simply that many men don’t really know how to get a woman off, make her orgasm, call it what you will. 

If that includes you, take heart, because you’re about to get all the tips you need to leave any woman with a smile on her face!

As a man, pleasuring a woman, making her happy and fulfilled, taking her to orgasm, is almost a duty. Even better, you feel good when you know how to really please a woman in bed!? It’s win-win for you both….

By the way, I’ve been guided here by Maxim’s instructions on how to satisfy a woman. These tips are based on an article they called “The 18 Things Women Love Most about Sex”.

And although I wouldn’t want you to think these are the only ways to satisfy a woman, the truth is that useful tips like these do explain some of the sexual principles behind female pleasure that you might not know…. yet!

How To Please Her – Step by Step

1. Start By Kissing Her Sensitively (Or Passionately).

To start with, kissing is high on the list of things that please women. Of course you have to be good at it – which means not being drunk, not being sloppy, not being haphazard, and not being a bloke who’s insensitive to what his woman’s feeling.

As for technique – well, apparently one study shows that if man and woman both tilt their heads to the right when kissing, it’s more arousing for the woman. Go figure. You might also like to look into her eyes and gently hold her face with one or both hands. After all, she wants to feel your tenderness – that’s what will help her get aroused. And if passion is already high, then put some sexual chemistry into the kiss!

2. Remember that you can touch her whole body with your lips, tongue and teeth as well as your hands. 

A woman’s entire body surface is an erogenous zone. So any touch you make on her body can cause excitement and arousal.

And though you may want her attention directed to your penis, first take time to kiss and caress her whole body. You can suck, lick or gently biting her earlobes and anywhere else she finds arousing. And don’t forget – kissing a woman’s body gently and seductively is a quick way to turn her on, get her right into her body and help her to get ready for a big orgasm. And there’s nothing more pleasing than that, as you know.

man and woman making love
Good lovers know the importance of touch.

3. Looks are important.

A woman needs to know that she turns you on. One way to help her know this is to give her that special male look which says “I’m going to take you, make you mine, and rip your soul apart with sexual pleasure…. How do you feel about that?”

This gaze is probably the most striking human courting ploy. It’s eye language. In Western cultures, where eye contact between the sexes is permitted, men and women often stare intently at potential mates for about two to three seconds during which their pupils may dilate—a sign of extreme interest. Then the starer drops his or her eyelids and looks away. Read more here. 

Research shows that after five years, one in five marriages is sexless (defined as having sex less than 10 times a year). So it’s even more important to know how to really pleasure your woman if you’ve been married for a long time. That way you get to continue enjoying exciting and satisfying sex in a faithful loving relationship.

4. Undress her slowly and seductively.

Undressing a woman slowly can be very arousing for her – provided she’s confident about the way her body looks.

Foreplay and sexual pleasure.
Foreplay leads to sexual pleasure.

Loads of women seem to have hangups about their bodies. You need to be sensitive to this. Until your woman’s confident, she may feel better if she snuggles under the sheets before she takes her clothes off.

This is all part of being a good lover and knowing how to create the sexual situation that will allow you to truly please your woman in bed. When you show sensitivity, she knows you care about her, she gets aroused, reaches orgasm, and enjoys plenty of sexual satisfaction.

5. Don’t forget her nipples are a great way to get her aroused.

Nipples are designed to be responsive to a mouth, so make sure you suck gently, kiss, lick them. You might also want to asks her so you know what she’d like you to do with them!

A few women don’t really like nipple play, but in general, playing with a woman’s breasts and nipples is a good way to turn her on.

And you might find she likes it when you put the flat of your hand against one breast while you’re stimulating the other. But the best way to find out what she wants you to do with her breasts (and everything else) is to ask her – and then remember what she likes for the next time!

6. Remember that foreplay is vitally important when you’re with a woman in bed.

Indeed, for most women foreplay is just as important as penetration and intercourse.

illustration of foreplay
Foreplay begins well outside the bedroom

Foreplay is about lavishing attention on a woman all over her body. It’s also about getting into her mind. You can do this with your sheer male magnetism, or by staring deeply into her eyes and telling her without words about the love, respect, admiration, trust and desire you feel for her. 

6. Be sensitive about stimulating her clitoris before and during intercourse.

You might think the best way to make a woman orgasm is to pound away inside her for as long as it takes for her to scream with joy. That’s what porn films tell us. But that’s not – emphatically – what most women find pleasurable.

Most women want clitoral attention  to get sexual pleasure. The clitoris is the main source of pleasure for nearly all women during sex.

When you make love to an aroused woman, you know how exciting it is. Well, women say that making love to an aroused man consumed with desire for her is just as exciting. So make sure she feels your arousal. 

And don’t forget that intercourse – i.e. penetrative sex – doesn’t have to follow on immediately from foreplay. Simply cuddling together when you’re naked can be very pleasurable for both of you. For women especially, the eroticism of being naked with a partner is a powerful aspect of sexual satisfaction.

Feeling you inside her is really important and extremely satisfying for a woman who loves you.  You can get an idea of her pleasure by thinking about how this feels for you. Not only is penetration pleasurable, but it’s deeply personal, and it means a great deal in a loving relationship.

Other Turn Ons

What are the other aspects of sex which make up the top 18 female turn-ons?

Well, there’s whispering sweet nothings, sexy talk, and the noises that you make during sex, such as grunting and groaning. These (if sexy) show how much you desire her and how much pleasure you get from making love to her.

Another key to pleasing a woman is making her feel like a sex goddess! Women want to know they’re good in bed, and every woman wants know she’s really pleasing her man. 

If you’re in love, sex much more likely to satisfy both you and your woman in bed. When you’re in love, knowing how to please a woman in bed will soon become second nature. Over time you will get to know each others’ preferences and desires. And sex between two people who are in love and know each other intimately has a special, satisfying quality.

Don’t forget that sexual positions can be important.

Women are often happy to go on top. This sex position can give her a lot of pleasure. She can also control the rhythm and speed of sex. She might even be able to move her clitoris against your body so she reaches orgasm easily. And to achieve this during intercourse is very enjoyable for both of you.

Finally, don’t forget that some women really get off on seeing a man ejaculating – inside her body or not. But do this respectfully. She’s not likely to be very pleased if you ejaculate on her face unless you’ve agreed that first!

In Summary

Knowing how to please a woman sexually is about finding things you both enjoy and which give you satisfaction and make you feel good. 

And when you’ve done your best, you’ve enjoyed total pleasure with each other, you can relax together in bed, in that glorious postcoital state of bliss.