How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

Here’s The Key To Satisfying Your Woman, Guys!

Men, one key to satisfying a woman seems to be mixing it up! You see, we know that women who enjoy five different forms of sexual activity in one session of lovemaking have a 90% chance of reaching orgasm.*     

In other words, to really satisfy your woman in bed you need to enjoy a mixture of:

  • oral sex, both cunnilingus and fellatio
  • giving and receiving mutual pleasuring by hand
  • regular penetrative sex with oral pleasuring
  • kissing, caressing, stroking, eye gazing, massage, touch – you name it, you need to do it. 

As you can see, stimulation and variation are both important in giving a woman sexual pleasure.

Why is this? Probably because if you’re doing five different things in one session of lovemaking you’re taking time for your mutual pleasuring. And time is one of the most important things you have to offer a woman when you’re making love to her. Time is what allows you to arouse a woman sufficiently for her to reach a satisfying orgasm.

Another essential aspect of satisfactory sex for a woman is communication. In other words, talking to each other. A great way to show her how wonderful you are is to talk to her about what your woman really wants from you in bed.

It’s an important question – I mean, do you really know what will satisfy your woman in bed?

But Just How Do You Really Satisfy Her?

Getting into a routine can really dull the pleasure you both get from sex. It stops being exciting. The truth is, really varying what you do in bed can be very satisfying for both of you. And that means knowing about different techniques and different ways of stimulating a woman.

I’m sure, as an great lover, devoted to the art of pleasuring a woman, you already know where her clitoris and G spot are! But just in case…. here’s a video.

Truly, fully satisfying a woman needs some understanding of the different types of female orgasm. For example, you need to know how you can give a woman pleasure by A spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, G spot stimulation and by stimulating one or all of these areas separately or together.

The good thing, you’ll be relieved to hear, is that it isn’t complicated.

How To Really Please Your Woman in Bed:
The Next Step

Everyone knows about the clitoris – it has 8000 nerve endings, it’s highly sensitive, and stimulated in the right way, it can give a woman great sexual satisfation.

But here’s the thing! Did you know that orgasms are much better when orgasm is achieved by stimulating other parts of the female genitals at the same time as the clitoris?

In fact stimulating the labia, the clitoral shaft, the upper part of the clitoral hood and the opening of her urethra in her vulva, will all increase sensation. This can intensify a woman’s orgasm, thereby giving her more pleasure and greater satisfaction.

But to take this to the next level, you have to keep in mind that what women really want in bed is slow, leisurely sex. Women (at least on most occasions of lovemaking) need plenty of time devoted to pleasure. They also need to feel that you are there for them, really there. And of course they also want a man who is confident about sex and bringing a woman to orgasm.

Learning more sexual techniques is a sure-fire way to  please a woman. To start with, let’s look at vaginal orgasm.

smiling couple
Knowing ways to satisfy a woman will ensure great sex and a great relationship!

To know how to sexually satisfy a woman, you have to know how to stimulate her  G spot. 

And here’s the key to this pleasure: a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine demonstrated very clearly that the longer sex lasts, the greater the chance of her achieving a G spot or vaginal orgasm.

First you need to know where her G spot is located. It’s on the front upper wall of her vagina as she lies on her back,  just 1 to 2 inches inside. See the diagram.

Female sexual anatomy
Female sexual anatomy

When a woman’s G spot is not aroused, it has a rippled, quite firm texture. With increasing arousal, it becomes swollen, softer, fuller, and much smoother. You can feel this with a finger inserted into her vagina.

Touching her G spot with your finger when she is aroused (but not before!) will feel pleasurable to her. And if you can manage to last long enough during intercourse to thrust against it with your erect penis before you ejaculate, then she’s going to feel even more pleasure.

Managing to do this is all about finding a sex position that’s going to stop you ejaculating while giving her as much physical pleasure as possible. Keep in mind, these aren’t simply tricks you can use to give sexual pleasure and satisfaction in bed. They are the fundamentals of the great sexual techniques that all men who aspire to be good lovers need to know and understand.

Good lovers know all about the female genitals and how to stimulate her with sensitive touch.
Good lovers know all about the female genitals and how to stimulate her with sensitive touch.

Of course, not many men can last for 15 minutes before they ejaculate, so you might have to use your finger as well as your penis to stimulate her G spot.

Even so, this will give her a lot of satisfaction! 

The Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is an orgasm achieved by a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The pleasure it gives a woman can be intense. Such an orgasm is extremely powerful and involves more emotions than a purely clitoral orgasm. This emotional satisfaction is one of the reasons why women enjoy a combination of various types of stimulation during lovemaking.   

Stimulation of a woman’s clitoris produces physical pleasure, while a blended orgasm produces emotional and physical pleasure. So if you’re wondering what to do with a girl in bed, try this:

Give A Woman The Satisfaction Of A Blended Orgasm

A lot of people recommend the woman on top position for a blended orgasm. And that’s a great way to start, because the woman can stimulate her clitoris against her man’s body.

But it’s possible to do this in a variety of positions, including the man on top if the couple adopt the coital alignment technique. (Read about it here.) This is a position in which the man’s body, and the base of his penis in particular, will stimulate his partner’s clitoris. And because the movement in the coital alignment technique is gentle rocking rather than powerful thrusting, it’s also possible for a man to last much longer in this position.

Another position which makes it possible to easily satisfy your wife or girlfriend in bed is the side-by-side position.

This is a position in which you can caress each other’s bodies, including her breasts and clitoris. In this position, stimulation of a man’s penis is much less, so he is likely to last longer in bed, to have more endurance.

Multiple Orgasms

If you want to give your woman multiple orgasms, and even greater pleasure for her in bed, try continuing stimulation after she’s had her first orgasm, so that she rolls on into a second and possibly a third before she’s finished.

Immediately after a woman’s reached her climax you can lessen the speed and pressure of stimulation on her clitoris while you continue to stimulate her in the same place for 30 seconds.

Then resume stimulation at a normal pace to bring her to a second orgasm. This takes skill and practice, and knowing how to reduce the pressure after the first orgasm. This gives her clitoral area a “rest” while it is extremely sensitive before you restart stimulation and increase her arousal once more.

After the second orgasm, you can begin intercourse and then you stand a good chance of achieving a blended vaginal and clitoral orgasm.

However, some people tell me that a woman who achieves a powerful first orgasm rarely wants to go for another one.

But I think it’s all about personal taste, in other words, what is most important in satisfying a woman are her personal preferences. So you need to know how to please the woman  in your life, and not assume some general techniques of sexual pleasure will work for all of  womanhood!


A woman's skin is her biggest erogenous zone.

Every part of her body skin is a sexually sensitive receptor.

More On Sexual Pleasure

It’s a shocking statistic, but only 10% of women reach orgasm during intercourse. Does that mean only 10% of women are sexually satisfied? No, of course not. But it certainly means there is plenty of room for sex to get better!


Video – Enjoying Sex More

Let’s get some perspective here.

During sexual activity of any kind, there is a big orgasm gap between men and women.  This refers to the fact that 85% of men reach orgasm every time a couple have sex, while only around 63% of women will do so.

Of course this is not helped by the fact women fake orgasms. An illuminating statistic is that while 85% of men think a woman has reached orgasm during their sexual encounters, the truth is that only 58% of women say they have reached orgasm.

There are various possible conclusions here. For example,  women are faking orgasms to try and please their man in bed. And also, that men are not too bothered about giving women the sexual satisfaction they desire!

Is she faking it to please you - or get it over with?
Is she faking orgasm to please you – or even just to get it over with?

In some ways this is not a surprise. We are all accustomed to images of intercourse on porn sites where men thrust hard into women, and women are shown screaming and moaning in response.

But in reality, life isn’t like that. Research has shown that there is a definite correlation between time spent on sexual foreplay and female orgasm. The longer the foreplay, the more chance a woman will reach orgasm. 

And we also know that even with good (i.e. arousing and satisfying)  foreplay, it takes on average 15 minutes of intercourse for a woman to reach orgasm. However, the average length of intercourse for all couples is 5.4 minutes. (Intercourse usually stops when the man ejaculates.)

See the discrepancy? But the remarkable thing is that many women (perhaps most) don’t even want to come during intercourse. They just want to enjoy intercourse more. And what that means is longer intercourse.

We know this because women have been asked to say what satisfies them during sex. And here’s the answer: the duration of intercourse that satisfies a woman, the duration which women describe as “ideal”, is between 10 and 13 minutes. Yet as we said above, the average length of intercourse is 5.4 minutes.

Of course intercourse is delightful for men, and indeed is central to our sexual pleasure. And, yes,  intercourse can be satisfying to a woman whether she reaches orgasm or not. That’s because intimacy of this kind can make two lovers feel profoundly connected on both a physical and an emotional level.

But for a woman, it’s probably true to say intercourse is not the most essential element of making love or enjoying sex together.

Sexual Pleasure In The Real World

It’s perfectly normal, indeed commonplace , for women not to have orgasms during intercourse. This is because clitoral stimulation is necessary for most women to experience an orgasm. However, because the clitoris is located above the vagina, it receives very little stimulation during intercourse unless a couple make special efforts to play with it.

Location of the clitoris

Location of the clitorisIntercourse is simply not an efficient way of stimulating the clitoris to the point where a woman can have an orgasm.


What matters more is stimulating a woman’s clitoris using your fingers, your hand, your tongue, or sex toys. Sure, any or all of that can happen during intercourse. There’s nothing to stop you combining different forms of stimulation to give her pleasure.

Another simple straightforward fact is that most men find controlling their orgasm difficult. In reality it can be quite a challenge for a man to learn how to last longer in bed.

What all this amounts to is that most women are willing and happy to provide the satisfaction of intercourse for their men without the expectation of orgasm for themselves. In return, it seems only fair that you find out how best to satisfy your woman in bed and ensure she enjoys sexual pleasure.

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